1 PicADay Project: Day 59

Here’s another one of the photos of light reflections on a compact disc.  I love the brilliant colors.  This is without any manipulation of the saturation.  (hey that could be a song title) 🙂

1 PicADay Photo #59 (cd relection 2)wm


1 PicADay Project: Day 57

A couple of nights ago I was sitting at my computer and a CD was sitting in front of the keyboard.  When I looked down I saw brilliant rainbow colors in the light reflecting on the CD.  Of course I knew Compact Discs reflect like this but I now see it as a photo-op.   So for the last two days I’ve been photographing the light reflections on CD’s and DVD’s.  Here’s one example…one of my favorites.

Wasn’t God creative when he created light?

I’ll probably post some of the others on Flickr later next week.

I looked up the history of the Compact Disc and found some interesting facts:

  • In 1979, Phillips and Sony started off a joint working group in order to design a successful digital audio disc
  • A CD player in the early 80’s would put you back $740 to $900
  • One of the first commercial CD’s pressed was Abba’s “The Visitor”
  • The first album to be released on CD was Billy Joel’s “52nd Street”
  • In 1985 Dire Strait’s “Brother’s in Arms” was the first CD to sell more than 1 million copies
  • In 2000, global sales of CD albums peaked at 2.455 billion.  In 2006 that figure was down to 1.755 billion (I’m sure due to the MP3 format)

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my photos. 🙂

cd relection rainbow


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