1 PicADay Project: Day 332

Sweet Hadley

I met this sweet little girl at my friend, Lisa’s house on Sunday.  She is looking out the back door watching the kids play.

(taken with Canon 120SX-IS and edited with Picnik)

©JanLovesPix. All Rights Reserved.

1 PicADay Project: Day 325

Rose in the Window

(taken with Canon EOS Rebel XT and edited in Picnik)

©JanLovesPix. All Rights Reserved.

1 PicADay Project: 305

Antique Car

Here’s another of the old cars I found on I65 coming home from Florida Sunday.

(taken with Canon SX 110 and edited in Picnik)

©JanLovesPix.  All Rights Reserved.

1 PicADay Project: Day 255

Franklin Flowers

I went to the Downtown Franklin Main Street Festival yesterday.  I took a few photos of some of the buildings there.  Here’s one of a cute little window with a flower box.

Franklin’s 27th annual Main Street Festival was supposed to bring together  more than 100,000 visitors, 200 artisans and crafters, two food courts, three stages for live music, and two carnivals to the historic Public Square and Downtown District. I believe it brought that many people because it took me 45 minutes to park.  There were several booths with photographers selling their art.  I enjoyed looking at their awesome work.

(taken with Canon EOS Rebel XT and edited in Picnik)

©JanLovesPix. All Rights Reserved.

1 PicADay Project: Day 234

Yellow Moon?

Found this happy fellow on 12th street in Nashville.   (edited with Picnik)

1 PicADay Project: Day 231

Took this photo with my iPhone as I was walking into Belk one night.  It was dusk, hence the blue coloring. 

1 PicADay Project: Day 226

Cabin Window Reflection

Here’s a photo of a cabin at the Ellington Agricultural Center that I visited yesterday. Edited in iPhoto and Picnik online.

1 PicADay Project: Day 214

Here’s a beautiful store window I found on the way to the Empire State Building.  I love the blue color.

1 PicADay Project: Day 189

Continuing with the NYC theme, here’s a shot of the front door of Sak’s Fifth Avenue in New York.

One of the most famous retailers in the world, this elegant department store has been dressing the well-heeled since 1902.

Opened by Andrew Saks, the original store was located in Herald Square (where Macy’s resides).
After merging that store with Gimbel’s, Saks opened this Fifth Avenue store catering to the wealthy in 1924.


1 PicADay Project: Day 188

I guess I’m really excited about our upcoming NYC trip.  Here’s a photo of Dean and Deluca.  I love the two people on each side of the window.


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