1 PicADay Project: Day 324

Infrared Flowers

(taken with Canon EOS Rebel XT and edited in Picnik)

JanLovesPix©.  All Rights Reserved.

1 PicADay Project: Day 319

Cartier NYC

  • Luxury jeweller and watch manufacturer
  • Founded 1847 in Paris France by Louis-François Cartier
  • Cartier operates more than 200 stores in 125 countries, with four emblematic boutiques world-wide in  Paris, London, New York & Tokyo

*excerpt from Wikipedia.com

(taken with Canon 120SX IS and edited in Picnik)

JanLovesPix©.  All Rights Reserved.

1 PicADay Project: Day 317

I interned at a wedding with my friend Vickie Riley on Saturday and took this with my Canon SX120IS. (edited in Picnik, of course)

Vickie is awesome and she’s so willing to help out a newby!   Thanks Vickie!  You ROCK!

Click on her link above and check out her stuff.

JanLovesPix© All Rights Reserved.

One of my iPhone photos posted on USAToday.com today

On our last trip to New York City in March of this year we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I used my Hipstamatic App on my iPhone to take a photo of my daughter on the other side of a display in the Asian Exhibit section.  She is 14 but she looks younger in the photo.  Laura Bly, travel reporter for USA Today, posted it today on USAToday.com.  YAY!

Click here to see the post.

1 PicADay Project: Day 50

1 PicADay Photo #50 (US Mail)wmThis is a mailbox that is a few miles from my house.  I saw it one day and then went back a few months later to photograph it.  I’ve done that a lot.  I’ll see something and then when I get a chance which might be way later I’ll go back and take photos.  I love ‘old’ stuff.  This is one of my favorites!

1 PicADay Project: Day 12

I went to pick up my daughter at school today and as I waited outside the school I contemplated what to photograph. My eye caught the little Mickey we bought at Disney World last year that I have hanging on my rear view mirror. I grabbed my husband’s camera and a white folder for a background. I used the ‘macro’ setting as well as the black and white setting and took a few pictures from every angle while sitting in my car.   I really like the way it turned out.  I used PowerPoint to put them together because I’m not sure how to do this in my editing software. I know everybody loves Mickey and I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do. I’ll call it “The Mouse Session”.

1 PicADay Photo #12 (The Mouse Session)wm

1 PicADay Project: Day 5

1 PicADay Photo #5 (Black & White, Black & White)wmAnother busy day today… After work I picked up my daughter from her audition at school… went to Applebees for my weekly Diva Dinner with my peeps from Christ Church Choir….  went to church and photographed a few things there… stopped at Carnival Kia to take some photos of their Ferris wheel (they were very hospitable) …stopped at Arby’s to take photos of the flag in front…didn’t get home until 9:00 PM.  After all that, my family help me decide on the photo I took at Applebees of the Salt & Pepper.  My son advised me to name it “Black & White, Black & White”.

Took the photos today with the Canon Powershot because my camera’s battery was low.

You can go to www.janscapturedmemories.com and see some of the other photos from today. They are in the folder named “Photos for 1 PicADay Project: Day 5.

1 PicADay Project: Day 3

1 PicADay Photo #3 (Old Stuff in Nolensville)

Ok, so I drove through a little town on my back-way home from work and decided to stop at the little Antique Store “Nolensville Feed Mill” and take some pictures.  Of course, being a new photographer, I still don’t know the eqttiqute so I thought it best to go inside and ask the owner if I could take some photos of his stuff because I was practicing and it looked interesting.  He promptly and kindly thanked me for asking first.  He said that in the past he’s had people stop and take photos without asking.  He’s ok with it but with liability issues he would rather someone ask first.  I don’t blame him.   He was really nice  to me and if you’re ever in the Nolensville area, please stop in and say hi.

I took a lot of pictures and finally decided on the one below.  Of course as always I will post some of the other ones I took on my website http://www.janscapturedmemories.com.  You can click on the folder called “Old Stuff in Nolensville.”

This one I simply call “Old Stuff in Nolensville.”  Too tired to be creative with the name. 🙂


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