1 PicADay Project: Day 253

Cutie Pie in Purple

This is the grandaughter of a lady with whom I used to work.  She brought her to our office today and I snapped some quick photos of her.  She is so sweet and cute and talks a mile a minute.

(taken with Canon EOS Rebel XT, edited in Picnik)

©JanLovesPix. All Rights Reserved.

1 PicADay Project: Day 242

Field of Trees

This is a field of trees that I pass on my way to work if I go the back way.  Right now dogwood trees are blooming and you can see some purple in the background.  I used sharpen, crop, orten-ish, advanced curves (high contract etc.), saturation, mirrored frame and vibrant in Picnik when editing.  (and not necessarily in that order)  I could have used some others but I can’t remember.  I never do the same thing twice. 

1 PicADay Project: Day 58

1PicADay Photo #58 (purple sky)wmOn my way to work a couple of days ago I looked back out my window at the sky while sitting at the red light and saw this.  It was just before sunrise and the sky was the most beautiful purple color.  I had to grab my camera really fast before the light turned green. 🙂   I probably could have gotten a better shot if I’d had more time.  But at least I got this.  God’s creation is so beautiful!

1 PicADay Project: Day 40

1 PicADay Photo #40 (Crystal Session-Orange)wm

Here’s another photo from my “Refraction Crystal Session”.  I really liked this one too.  This one was actually a plastic crystal from an ornament on my desk at work.  I totally  love the way the orange and purple complement each other in this photo.  (I sound like a valley girl)


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