1 PicADay Project: Day 326

Rainy Night in New York City

Took this with Canon SX120IS from the top of the Rockefeller Center. 

©JanLovesPix.  All Rights Reserved.


1 PicADay Project: Day 260

Two Unprecidented Days in Nashville TN May 1 & 2, 2010

I’ve posted an iPhone photo of my front lawn but this is NOTHING compared to what other people are going through right now in the metro area surrounding Nashville TN! Here’s a few highlights:

650 water rescues

8 confirmed dead

All three interstates closed

Over 18 inches of rain in two days

Cumberland River went from 37 to 49 ft which is about 9 feet above flood level

23 metro schools damaged

New cars from a new car lot floating down the street and piling up on top of each other.

A school portable trailer floating down the interstate and disentegrating when it hit an 18 wheeler.

Bridges washed out.

You always see these incredible images on TV of other places but it’s really surreal when it’s happening to your area.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people who have been hit hard.

1 PicADay Project: Day 212

It was soooo rainy and windy in NYC today that there were tons of victims.  Here’s just some of the one’s I saw on 42nd street.  Even my $10 umbrella that I bought last night was a victim.  I bought another that was a little more expensive today and I made sure I hung on to it real tight.  Wish I had a dollar for every victim today!  Maybe I should move to New York and sell umbrellas for a living.

1 PicADay Project: Day 211

We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art today.  It was a good thing to do since it rained, ohhhhh let’s see, about 20 inches today.  For the love of Noah…please stop!!!!!

Anyway, I took quite a few photos with my iPhone.  Here’s one that I really liked.  I call it….”LET ME OUT OF THIS CASE!”

1 PicADay Project: Day 45

Here’s a photo that I took while looking out the window of the Tennessee Aquarium on a rainy day in Chattanooga .  This is the Market Street Bridge that connects downtown Chattanooga with the North Shore District.  I think this is a beautiful bridge.  Chattanooga is a wonderful place to visit.  It has a lot of things to see and do including Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls and the Tennessee Aquarium.

1 PicADay Photo #45 (Chattanooga Bridge)wm

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”    Isaac Newton


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