1 PicADay Project: Day 356

Forest of Light

I previously posted a photo of this field of trees back in the spring.  Click here to see the  previous post.  I drove by a couple of days ago in the morning and because it was a little foggy, beams of sunlight were visable coming through the trees.  I had to stop to snap another shot.  I think I like this one better.  Which one do you like better?

(Taken with Canon PowerShot SX110IS and edited in Picnik)

©JanLovesPix. All Rights Reserved.

20 responses to “1 PicADay Project: Day 356

  1. That’s gorgeous!
    I like them both… love the sunlight through the fog here, but the light and colors (esp. the grass) were really beautiful in the other one.

    • Wow you’re up early! 🙂 I’m usually up that early but I’m flying around the house trying to get my stuff together to fly out the door. One of these days I’m going to win the lottery so I can just enjoy photos every second of the day. HA HA….I wish.

  2. I like the dreamy feel on this shot.

    • Thanks so much for visiting and for your compliment. I visited your website and I just love your photos, especially the close up facial ones. I love your style. And it makes me want to do more black and white. I love it!

  3. Thanks! I love it when people simply say WOW. It makes me think that they are speechless. LOL!
    I ride by this location every day and two weeks ago the sunbeams were so prominent and so beautiful because of all the moisture in the air. I wanted to stop and shoot it that day but I was running late. A tardy slip would almost have been worth it. Next time I will stop and just be late. Perfect conditions and being there at the right time don’t happen very often.

  4. Fantastic! I mean, WOW! 😀

    Well done! Who doesn’t love godbeams??

  5. Kay Grubba

    This is by far the best of the two!!! Reminds of GA in the mists! Beautiful work :0)

  6. ooh. This is nice. I do like both but for different reasons. The light green on the other is just so spring and I love that. And the fog with the light filtering through is just gorgeous! love them both. I bet they look awesome BIG!

    • Thank you Kristin. I think you can click on the photo and it will come up in a separate window as a large file. It does look prertty good large. I have it on my computer screen at work as my background. 🙂

  7. reflectionsbypj

    This one is by far, hands down, my favorite! I love the rays of light that you captured and the depth is amazing!


  8. Thank you…it’s one of my favorites too.

  9. Erica

    This is lovely. By default, I am jealous of any beautiful fog shot because I am too lazy to get my own butt up early enough to capture any decent foggy-morning shots myself. The light, the sun-rays, the morning mist on this are perfect- Great job on this.

  10. Thanks…unfortunately I have to get up very early for my 8 – 5 job and I don’t always have time to stop but when I saw this I HAD to stop and take a few minutes to see what I could get. 🙂

  11. beams of light is way better. has that E.T. feel to it

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