New Blog Theme: Greyzed

So I’m trying this new theme called Greyzed.  I kinda like it….what do you think?   Sometimes you just need a little change to make things fresh.








7 responses to “New Blog Theme: Greyzed

  1. This theme is a personal favorite of mine. As long as the site has your incredible photos, though, that’s what really matters. 🙂

  2. Hmmm, for me, it doesn’t seem to quite match your style and your photos. IMHO. I’ve also never thought that a white background does anything to set off photographs. It competes!

    • I kinda have to agree with you now that i’ve had time to really look at it. I’ll probably switch back when I get a minute on our one and only computer at home.

  3. This was the first one you every had, wasn’t it? Or is it a little different?

  4. (and by “every”, I of course mean “ever”) 😉

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