10 responses to “1 PicADay Project: Day 300

  1. Love both, but vote for #2 as more fitting to quiet, on-going generosity. The first could be used as an alternate at joyous holiday seasons.

    • Thanks Karol, I didn’t realize that the first one was so ‘holidayish’ until you guys pointed that out. 🙂 I’m going to keep working on it. I’ll post another later maybe.

  2. What a lovely idea!

    My first response (sadly, and I apologize) to the choices are ‘neither’. They just seem a little cliche to me.

    With that said, of the two, I prefer the second one. The shoulders of the angel sort of look like baked bread. I’m not, however, crazy about the color or style of the text. Nor, the appearance that the angle is sucking its thumb (can’t see the whole hand/face and although I am familiar with this statue – it’s very common – and know that is not what it is doing, that is the first thing I saw).

    I agree with lightdance about the first one. Definitely a bit holiday-ish looking and not fitting to what the ministry will be doing.

    Maybe you need to give this another try?

  3. Ashley Zehr

    Love the idea for the ministry and I love the 2nd picture! I think it symbolizes excactly what the ministry is about!

  4. What a great blessing this will be to neighbors near you! I like the second one overall.

  5. First of all, I think your idea is WONDERFUL!
    Second, I am mixed on the pics. I like the 2nd picture, it does have a bread like look to it, but I don’t like the type or the color. I like how you put a banner or box or whatever on the top one and had the copy in it. I also prefer the color and font of the first one. So there you have it, yet another opinion!

    Jan, you’re amazingly talented and I think really good things are going to come of your work.


    • Thanks Tanya. I really hope I can have the courage and persistence to go to school and do something with photography. I wish I had begun earlier in life, but God knows what He’s doing and all aspects of my life are guided by Him.

      I really like the idea of helping people and this is a very practical thing that I think we can do.

      I’m thinking of working more on the logo because there are aspects that I like from each one, but not each one individually.

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