We are Nashville Poster for Sale for Nashville Flood Victims

After a local ‘hockey’ blogger, Patten Fuqua ended his blog about the Nashville flood with the phrase “We Are Nashville” it became the rallying cry our city.  I have used one of my previous photos of downtown Nashville to create a poster to sell for the victims of the flood.

100% of the profits from this poster will go to help Nashville flood victims.

Our church is listed as one of the official pick up and drop off spots for the local Red Cross for the flood victims. We’ve had semi trucks coming and going with relief supplies from all over the United States including water, dog food, 15000 pounds of food etc.

It’s just wonderful to see how people really care and how much they are willing to help their neighbors even if they are far away.  We are expecting a semi truck from Simmons Mattress Company in the next week or two that contains $250,000 worth of queen size Beauty Rest Mattresses.  Our church found out last week that there are victims that are still sleeping on a concrete floor so we can’t wait to receive the mattresses and add sheet sets and deliver them to the people who need them.

So I hope that you or someone you know would help by purchasing one of my posters. You can click here to view and buy the poster.  The posters are on heavy cardstock with a semigloss finish.  The size if 11 x 17.   Money Orders or PayPal accepted.  For orders paid by money order, please allow 1 week for delivery from the time of my receipt of your money order.

Thanks so much for your help!  It is much appreciated.


2 responses to “We are Nashville Poster for Sale for Nashville Flood Victims

  1. Very nice, Jan. I just placed an order.

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