1 PicADay Project: Day 242

Field of Trees

This is a field of trees that I pass on my way to work if I go the back way.  Right now dogwood trees are blooming and you can see some purple in the background.  I used sharpen, crop, orten-ish, advanced curves (high contract etc.), saturation, mirrored frame and vibrant in Picnik when editing.  (and not necessarily in that order)  I could have used some others but I can’t remember.  I never do the same thing twice. 

8 responses to “1 PicADay Project: Day 242

  1. Lovely, Jan! I hope you’ve printed and framed this one! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I do like this one, but I am going back earlier in the morning to this spot to see if I can catch the early morning sun rays coming through the trees. Hopefully I can get a better shot. 🙂

  2. Really pretty photo.

    How did you train yourself to use the camera? I don’t know where to start with mine. I have the equipment, but not the knowledge. What software would you recommend as a photo editor? (Sorry for all the questions!) I’ll definitely be visiting this blog again 🙂

  3. I just noticed your post about your photo-editing blog 🙂 Feel free to remove my above comment, if you wish!

    • Thanks for visiting and all the nice compliments. Really I’m just a beginner and I don’t know a thing about the technical stuff or what my camera can or will do. I just play with the buttons and see what I get and then I play around in Picnik online editing the photos until they look like something I like.

      I look around at all the other wonderful photographer in the blogosphere and then think “girl, you got a LONG way to go.” Betterphoto.com has some great beginning courses online and I’m going to take the one that teaches about my camera which is an older model Canon EOS Rebel XT. I just use the regular old lens that came with it, an EFS 18-55mm. I use a tripod sometimes if needed and I use Picnik online to edit. Picnik is simple, free or cheap and has some great stuff to make your photos look much better. I just play with the buttons on my camera and then whatever I get I upload to Picnic and play around until I get something I like.

      I figured that at my age I need to ‘just do it’ because I don’t have to be the best and because I have a passion for it and it fulfills my creative nature.

      Pull that camera out and ‘just do it.’ If you start a photoblog, be sure to let me know.

      I visited your blog and saw that you love films/movies. My son wants to make movies as his career. He is about to graduate high school and his movie titled “the untold” just won first place in our local Full Moon Film Festival. Here’s a link to the movie in case you like to have a look. http://www.blip.tv/file/3445004/

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