1 PicADay Project: Day 164

This little rock represents the ‘commitment’ that my husband and I made over 24 years ago.  It hasn’t always been easy but in the end we’ve decided to stick it out through thick or thin, better or worse, rich or poor, sickness or health till death us do part.  We both want to be little old gray haired people still holding hands, giggling and being each other’s soul mate.


7 responses to “1 PicADay Project: Day 164

  1. Aw, I love this Jan! Though I’m laughing hysterically at the visual of Randy with gray hair and wondering if that can be possible. Hahaha!!! Love you all and am so blessed to call you friends!

  2. Thanks Penny- he already has gray hair… it won’t be long! 🙂

  3. wow! beautifully clicked, I think its a diamond on platinum. Great macro. 🙂

  4. Thank you very much.. It is my wedding diamond set in white gold. 🙂

  5. Glenn Simmons

    that’s a great shot Jan. Have you considered having these blown up and framed(possibly selling them)? coule be pretty cool

  6. Thanks Glenn, I don’t know about blowing them up because I’m not sure I took them at a high enough resolution to blow them up bigger than a 4 x 6. I need to take classes to learn all the technical stuff.

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