1 PicADay Project: Day 154


I took this portrait of my dad last July. I just got around to editing it and I was surprised at the feelings it conjures up when I look at it.

My father has never been an educated man, but he has loads of Godly wisdom.  He’s never been a rich man, but he gave me the richest authentic upbringing that a daughter could have. I never lacked for anything.  He’s never been an affluent man, per se, but he’s always had an abundance of genuine friends.   His hands have always been tender to me, he’s never talked abusive to me and has always shown me the love of God through his words AND actions.

I treasure my Christian heritage and my childhood because God chose one day to have me adopted.  He and mom always told me that I was a gift from God.  They even named me Janet, which means “Gift from God”.

I have been truly blessed with a Godly, righteous father which helps me view my heavenly Father as the loving and merciful God he truly IS.


One response to “1 PicADay Project: Day 154

  1. Belinda Dixon

    This is so true. I love the picture and I also love the man. I can agree wholeheartedly that he a wonderful, Godly man who is married to a very Godly and wonderful lady that is also filled with the love of God and the wisdom that He alone gives. I have been on the receiving end of their love and wisdom.
    Thank you Jan for posting this picture. It definitely conjures up emotions. Good emotions!

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