1 PicADay Project: Day 61

New York City is my all time favorite city that I’ve visited!  I’ve only been three times and I LOVE IT!  Here is a picture from our last visit that I took from the top of the Empire State Building.  You can see Macy’s Department Store’s sign just to the right of the center of the photo.  I hope to take my children there next year for a visit.  My daughter, Madi wants to live in New York and be on Broadway when she grows up. 🙂

1 PicADay Photo #61 (New York New York)wm


7 responses to “1 PicADay Project: Day 61

  1. Awesome picture! I love how the streets are flooded with light! I have a daughter who loves NYC too!

  2. neilsharp

    my wife and i love nyc. it is a fabulous city and should be thoroughly enjoyed by all. there is so very much to see and all one needs to do is sit and stare at those magnificent people who dwell there.

  3. cool. shot. by the way happy birthday…

  4. Thanks Neil and Diane — I love NYC and think everyone should go at least once in their lifetime. I still haven’t seen the Statue of Liberty, seen all of Central Park etc. etc. etc. Can’t wait till my kids see it next year. 🙂

  5. Wow, what a fab’ shot. I haven’t been to NYC since I was a kid. One could wear out a camera in that town. This might be one of my favourite shots of yours.

    • Thanks Dave… We were supposed to be in New York this week during our kid’s fall break but plans got changed and we’re in Florida at Disney World… So guess what next weeks pictures will be? 🙂

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