1 PicADay Project: Day 33

What kind of image pops into your mind when you hear someone say “IHop”?  Sticky tables or stacks of pancakes?  Probably not the image that you would have if someone mentions “The Gramercy Tavern” in New York.

My friend Ginger and I went to the IHop the other night after church.  Before we left I noticed the beautiful glass that was used in the divider wall between the two sets of booths.  I know that the IHop does not have the greatest reputation for fine cuisine or elegant atmosphere like the Gramercy Tavern in New York City, but when I got home I noticed just how  beautiful the other side of the restaurant appeared through the glass.

1 PicADay Photo # 32 (God's Lenses)wm

I was reminded that our Heavenly Father views us just like this as He looks through His Love Lenses.  We may not have the most elegant appearance, deliver the best conversation, be the most talented, or have the best character traits, but God sees us as His ‘beautiful’ creation!  He made every person that has ever lived in His own image.  Like the old saying that I’ve heard since I was small, “God don’t make no junk!”

If it were possible that all of us could first see ourselves through the beautiful glass and then remember to look at others through God’s Love Lenses there would probably be less arguments, less snobbery, less road rage, less terrorism, fewer wars, no political parties or domestic violence.

The next time you think that someone is not pretty enough, talented enough or their character is flawed, think of this picture and try to see them as God sees them; standing on the other side of the glass looking like The Gramercy instead of the IHop.


3 responses to “1 PicADay Project: Day 33

  1. That photo is so pretty! I love the message you conveyed through it. Truth.

  2. Great shot & perspective…Proud of you baby!!!!!

  3. Lovely photo and very thought provoking and uplifting message to go along with it. Well done. The moth below it also kicks butt. 😉

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