1 PicADay Project: Day 29

1PicADay Photo #29 (Pieces of Earth)wm

Ok, so this isn’t your artsy fartsy type photo but I wanted to share a portion of the  little collection I have going.  As I’ve said before in my Blog for day 25…my career doesn’t take me many places like my husband’s career.  I got this idea from my friend Glenn whose collection is displayed much better then mine.

I usually ask my husband, my brother-n-law or friends going on trips to bring me back a small portion of earth (dirt or sand) from famous or significant locations all over the world.  I have about 24 vials now and hopefully my little ‘earth’ collection will grow much larger.

Coincidentally I have been to the first three places in this photo.  New York is my favorite place to visit.  I also have an ‘earth vial’ from the house in Florida where I lived right after I was born as well as a vial from where my husband lived when he was a little boy. When we moved into our current home, the former owners had put rocks everywhere in the yard.  We had a hard time getting rid of them…of course the vial for our current home is full of…you guessed it….rocks! 🙂

If you are going on a trip anytime soon to an exotic far-a-way place, I’d appreciate a little  Ziploc baggy of ‘earth’ if you would be so inclined. 🙂

NOTE: I use a Label Maker with clear label tape for the names and I order the vials from www.specialtybottle.com The corks come with the vials.  You can order them in several different sizes and they are not expensive.

(Don’t look too close because there’s itsy bitsy dust bunnies on the top of these vials….pathetic!)


5 responses to “1 PicADay Project: Day 29

  1. That is a great idea, keeping a bit of the land from your travels. What a fun display!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea. You are so creative…and, once again, I just adore how you can create such beauty in simplicity. I can’t even begin to explain the joy it brings me.

    Hugs to you, Lucy, from your buddy, Ethel. 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous idea … and such a simple & effective way of storing/displaying them. You have got such a nice eye for this sort of thing.

    btw, if you want a piece of good old bagshot clay from the UK …. 😀

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