1 PicADay Project: Day 25

1 PicADay Photo #25 (Vahzes)wm

With a mundane routine most weeks I find myself looking for ordinary things in ordinary places to photograph since I don’t get to travel to exciting places like my musician husband gets to do.  (he plays with LeeAnn Womack).

If you look hard enough it’s amazing how much stuff you can find to photograph in your regular boring life, even at Kroger which is one of our local grocery stores.  My husband shops at Publix.  He says “It’s a Pleasure!” 🙂

I saw these colorful vases yesterday when I was grocery shopping and thought they might make an appealing photograph.  I like them anyway.  I love flowers, so it’s just natural that I would love vases to put them in.  I call this one ‘Vahzes’.


4 responses to “1 PicADay Project: Day 25

  1. I love how you found the beauty in simplicity here. It’s absolutely gorgeous. (And at Kroger of all places! I like this much better than the mullet pic of a few weeks ago! LOL)

  2. I love this Jan! As Ginger said, it’s the beauty in simplicity which is my most favorite thing in life! You are so talented and I love that you’re sharing this journey with others.

  3. april baynes

    i absolutely love it when someone will take something that most people might walk right by….and you captured so much more in it than..”it’s just a vase” love love love this one. this one IS my favorite so far!

  4. Thanks you guys! This is one of my favorites too…I didn’t know that it would turn out like it did. I love sharing it!

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