1 PicADay Project: Day 22

This blog has helped me be more aware of every photo-op available at all times.  It’s a little debilitating if I must say.  I have to remember my camera at all times and I’m always while looking around for something to photograph.  It’s a little hard to focus on things that I need to focus on sometimes.

With that being said; I was in our Kroger and there were so many beautiful flowers in their flower department, I just couldn’t resist.  (at least they didn’t ask me to stop like another grocery store did recently) 🙂

I thought this one turned out pretty good.  Hope you enjoy it! I’ll call it “Kroger’s Treat”.

1 PicADay Project Photo # 22 (Kroger's Treat)wm


3 responses to “1 PicADay Project: Day 22

  1. great shot. at least flowers don’t move and they can hold their pose. I love the richness in the red.

  2. Thanks Glenn, That’s true they don’t move. I think that’s why I like to photograph still life. I haven’t gotten the courage to shoot people yet. I do have a ‘photographing gig’ next month however taking pictures of a newborn. He’s not here yet. I hope I do ok. I’ve been reading some stuff.

  3. The detail is amazing! BEAUTIFUL!!!

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